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Light:Bridge is a large-format public light art installation.


Parallel beams of bright, concentrated light project across a river. From far off, it intrigues the eye and takes the form of a sturdy crossing. As the observer gets closer, its ethereal nature is revealed. Only light can make this crossing, linking the two sides with ease and elegance.


Evoking the works of Christo, the beauty and power of Light:Bridge are its bold simplicity. As you stand to observe, you are urged to consider where Light:Bridge can take you. 


Lighting is extremely powerful and shapes our emotions, our urban fabric, and everywhere in between. While light serves a mostly utilitarian function in our day-to-day lives. As an artistic medium, it ignites wonder and awe.


The design of Light:Bridge relies on contrast; the contrast between each beam of light against the dark water below. Most of all, Light:Bridge creates an iconic visual beacon that has the potential to become a permanent part of a cityscape, or for a shorter-term engagement for major events such as the Olympics.


Created by renowned architectural and entertainment lighting designer and artist Christien Methot, founder and principal designer at his firm design one lighting design, Methot over 25 years of experience in a vast variety of lighting applications including television, live concerts, architectural interiors and exteriors, fashion shows, corporate events, and more. 


French lighting manufacturer Ayrton and their North American exclusive partner ACT Entertainment donated COBRA lighting fixtures for the first Light:Bridge in Paris, in July 2023.


Light:Bridge creates fascination and draws crowds in any city or at any event. Our shared admiration of beautiful moments of light unites us all — and Light:Bridge is the prime manifestation of this.

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